Small Group Startup

Start here or re-start here!

What is Small Group Startup?

A program with Josh Bundy to help your small group prepare for launch. The lessons focus on understanding the goal for small groups at Bentonville, developing intimacy within your group, sharing jobs within the group, and developing a spiritual purpose for meeting.

Who should attend Startup?

Startup is for you if want to join a new group or if your entire group is looking to re-tool and set a new spiritual purpose.

When is the next Startup cycle and how do I join?

We are collecting interest for the next round of Startup. Please let us know of your interest by registering below.


Bentonville small Groups

Small groups are the basic building blocks for relationships

What are small groups?

Groups of 8-12 people who meet together regularly to care for each other spiritually. Group meetings usually consist of a Bible study or group activity with a spiritual purpose.

When do small groups meet?

Usually on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month at a minimum. We encourage small groups to minister to each other weekly, all the time. Because flexibility is one of our foundational principles (see more below) some groups will choose to meet on different nights or mornings.

Why should I be in a small group?

Because small groups are the basic building block for pastoral care; by that we mean they are the best place for caring spiritual relationships to develop. Being involved in a small group also lends itself to a more engaging and active experience in the church than only attending worship or Bible classes.

What principles guide small groups at Bentonville?

Small groups can work in a myriad of ways, but we choose to focus on developing pastoral care. This means our goal is to have small groups who celebrate together, mourn together, care for each other's spiritual growth, and we want everyone to serve in their small group. To accomplish this we have laid out four principles: smallness, flexibility, consistency, and purpose. For more on how these apply, read the Small Group Brochure or attend the next Small Group Startup.

How do I join a small group?

You are welcome to join any small group to which you are invited, or fill out the Small Group Startup registration form and Josh Bundy will help you find a group for yourself!